Energy Work



Jackie is a certified Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner – Advance Level

Integrated Energy Therapy® is a healing technique that clears and balances the energy field. With light touch, suppressed emotions that block the natural flow of energy are released. IET is great for people who feel emotionally or mentally stuck in their lives and would like help letting go of ‘emotional baggage’. Clearing energy blockages allows us to learn from the past without holding on to it, moving freely into the future! Even better, you do not have to have to follow any religion or be intuitive at all…just have an open heart and mind.

Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET) is a positive, peaceful process that gently gets the issues out of your tissues. It is a therapy providing healing support on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers. Quite simply IET gently “pulls” any heavy, dark, blocked energy out of the body, allowing people to feel lighter, freer, clearer, happier, healthier, balanced, and more energetic.

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