By Jose Esteban

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Jackie is a professional dancer that has studied movement and the body her entire life. She obtained a BFA in Modern Performance Dance at University of the Arts in Philadelphia. While dancing in professional company Anne-Marie Mulgrew and Dancers Company, she also co-created dance collective Pink Hair Affair, where she directed, produced, and performed in numerous shows and events. In Panama she performed and created a work for Nana+na Danza Investigación ColectivaJackie has also helped organize, produce, and perform in an experimental art platform called Artes Martes at Tantalo Hotel in Panama City. She is a collaborative artist and loves combining her disciplines of dance, yoga, and movement with other art forms. She has worked with artists, photographers, videographers, musicians, painters, industrial designers, sculptures and so on to create highly unique pieces of art. Jackie has a passion for creating interesting and surreal movement stories and photos that range from ethereal, to athletic, to mysterious, to weird. If you are interested in collaborating with Jackie you can email her at




Yoga Dance combines the artistry and grace of dance with the strength and stretch of yoga. This off the mat class mixes a vinyasa like flow with ballet, jazz, and modern dance positions. The movements can be slow, structured, and linear like yoga or organic, dynamic, and liberating like dance. Begin with an energizing warm up to get your heart pumping. Then we’ll move through flows that target and sculpt specific areas of the body we want to lengthen and strengthen. End the class by dancing to lively and expressive choreography that will push your limits and free your energy. Weaving creative sequences, body intelligence, breath awareness, and artistic performance together, Yoga Dance will invigorate the body and inspire the soul. This fun hour long class, set to rhythmic music, gives an innovative remix to your yoga practice.



This dynamic dance class will offer exciting movement possibilities, help build body-awareness, develop dance technique, and give you chances to challenge and express yourself. It begins with a warmup to focus on strengthening and stretching the body while focusing on proper dance technique. Next is center work to explore and discover the bodies possibilities with interesting new ideas about movement. Finally the class concludes with a choreographed combination that is fun, develops musicality, and hones performance skills. Different modern dance techniques are practiced such as Graham, Horton, Release, and Improvisation.